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Kimberly Van Rossum

Hello, my name is Kimberly Van Rossum, and I am an artist. I have always enjoyed everything creative. I'm convinced I was born with a paint brush in my hand. When I was a child, you would find me sleeping on my coloring books with crayons spread out on the floor in front of me. As I grew older, I would draw on almost every surface that I could. My mother would give me the paper cards that came with the pantyhose she wore when she went dancing. I would paint on canvas, paper, and even furniture. 

I love creating paper arts, like handmade journals, scrapbooks and cards. Now, I'm working with acrylic paints on canvas and am also fond of watercolor. I'm very interested in using pattern and movement in my work. Florals and nature themes are favorite subjects of mine. 

I am busy these days creating textile patterns and surface designs to compliment my painting collections. I make art to bring joy to your walls, home decor, and clothing. I work to make product surfaces that sing, so please contact me to be a part of creating the Kimberly Van Rossum brand through licensing.

Stop by my site often and enjoy my designs, as I regularly ad more work to my gallery. 


Thank you for visiting! 

-Kimberly Van Rossum


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